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South Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps Museum
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In conducting research for her books, Peggy met many wonderful gentlemen and listened to their stories of being in the CCC. Their memories and photos led to her first book relating to the Civilian Conservation Corps, Wind Cave National Park - The First 100 Years. Once her interest was piqued she wrote The Civilian Conservation Corps In and Around the Black Hills. These books led to a renewed interest in the CCC story and pride of the men who served. The result is the creation of the South Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps Museum in Hill City , South Dakota ! You can read more about the SDCCCM on her blog at: Peggy's CCC Blog Page. (And remember, you may purchase signed and personalized copies of the CCC books on the 'Order Books' page.)


The upper story of this building will soon house the South Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps Museum and its exhibits at Hill City, SD

Work will begin next week on the museum. Partial funding for this project is provided by a 2008 Deadwood Historical Grant, with donations being accepted. If you are interested in donating money or items, please email me.

CCC Service and Discharge Papers Form
CCC Rosters with Camp Information
"My Dad was a CCC" or, "My grandpa worked on a bridge in the Black Hills as a CCC member but I don't know where!" I've often heard families remark they've lost the history of their relatives service with the CCC's. Towards that end, I gathered 22,000 names and camp rosters. If you are looking for a former CCC member and information about his service, please email me. Hopefully I can provide the missing information. 28,000 young men served in the South Dakota CCC program from 1933 to 1942. If you have information you would like to share with me, or items you would like to donated to the South Dakota Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, please let me know.
Use this link to obtain CCC information.

In June 2009, NARA (National Archives and Records Administration) started charging a fee (from $10.00 up to $60.00) for a personnel record search. These files are now public and anyone can request them. Submit the form, NARA will research the name and send you an invoice, depending on the number of pages they have to copy.

After you submit the money you’ll receive the copies. If the CCC man served in South Dakota , please send me a copy of the discharge after you receive it and I will include the information in a database of all the men who served in South Dakota .

I am a volunteer and not affiliated with NARA.

Thanks, Peggy