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Life on the Farm and Ranch:
South Dakota Stories

A new anthology featuring Peggy Sanders and various authors is newly published by South Dakota Humanities.
The book, editied by John E. Miller, was presented at the 2009 South Dakota Festival of the Book held in Deadwood, SD October 2-4th. Six of the authors were invited to read their stories. You can order the Life on the Farm and Ranch: South Dakota Stories book by calling

605-688-6113 or e-mailing info@sdhumanities.org

South Dakota State Historical Society Elects Peggy Sanders

Peggy was elected as an at-large member of the South Dakota State Historical Society Board of Trustees. At quarterly meetings, Trustees review and vote on budgets and rules regarding historic preservation. Applications for properties on the National and State Historic Preservation Registries also go through the Trustees.

Second Fall River County Book Available

With over 200 historical images gathered mostly from private collections, Peggy Sanders documents the dramatic changes in industries and the lives of everyday people in the second Fall River County, South Dakota book, Fall River County and Hot Springs: 125 Years.

Sanders is the originator and past chairman of the Focus on Fall River County History Conference, held annually in Hot Springs the second Saturday in January. Peggy serves on the Board of Directors of the Pioneer Museum in Hot Springs, SD.

Peggy is the author of four previous Images of America books including The Civilian Conservation Corps In and Around the Black Hills, Custer County (South Dakota) , Wind Cave National Park: The First 100 Years, and Fall River County and Hot Springs: Views from the Past 1881-1955 .

Her great-grandparents Ira and Hattie Tillotson homesteaded near Cascade, Dakota Territory, in 1881. Since then, six generations of Tillotson descendents have lived and worked in Fall River County.

Historical writer and research specialist Hot Springs, South Dakota
Will Rogers image

Peggy Sanders, a farm-ranch wife and writer from Oral, S.D., won first place in the 2007 Will Rogers Writing Contest.

Sanders was chosen top prize winner in the competition sponsored by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists with her essay, "Run Amuck Ranching," which relates the 'trials' of city folk moving to the country.

Her entry was judged the best of all submissions received in the nationwide contest to find the best example of Will Rogers' style of writing. Read Peggy's entry.

calf in the kitchen picture
A rancher's wife sometimes has "little ones" in the kitchen during spring calving season snowstorms!